The Mekano Set

"In Imercia, it's considered impolite to acknowledge
the presence of another person. You have to wait
for them to acknowledge you."

All events currently cancelled

Please consider downloading our music via bandcamp for highest quality rather than iTunes, Spotify etc.

March / April live streams tbc

Friday August 16th @ Sound with Double Echo + God on My Right

Saturday 24th June @ Emotion Wave Liverpool

Friday 25th August @ 81 Renshaw Liverpool

30th September @ Drop The Dumbulls Gallery with Esa Shields + Double Echo

25th October @ Dead Radio // Maguire's Liverpool with Rose McDowall + Vukovar

10th December @ Maguire's Liverpool with Venusian

19th @ Dead Radio // 81 Renshaw Liverpool with Ceramic Hobs + Vukovar

Other Interests:

Daffodils: Emotion Waves Compilation album featuring an exclusive song from The Mekano Set. All proceeds will go to Merseysie Domestic Violence Services. Available from 9th December on cassette + digital

An in-depth interview with Milk @ Emotion Wave

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latest adventure in sound: Burnerfriends

Auguen Augen and Zahn: The adventures of The Mekano Set?

Anarcho-Situastionism + Nihilist-Romanticism

Inside-Out Music from the other side of the song. Adventures in sound.